Do manicure for a long time, do you know the type of nail art ?

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First of all, let's define the nail art: Nail Art is to decorate the nail. At the same time, nail art is a beautifying work on the shape of the nail or the skin according to the different needs of each person. During the manicure process, we disinfect, clean and care our nails

Nail Art has the characteristics of diversified expressions, and personalized beautification schemes generated according to the needs of different people. Today we will introduce to you several common types of nail art. I hope everyone can use this knowledge to make better choices and find a nail art design suitable.


No.1  Gel Polish Nail Art

Gel polish packaging is similar to traditional nail polish, it is directly operated with its own brush. But because the gel polish will be cured by light, the bottle must be painted to prevent light transmission. It has characteristics such as non-toxic, odorless, environmentally friendly, etc. With the gloss of the gel and the color of the oil, gel polish has the color full and clear,and it is easy to apply, quick-drying , and the gloss remains longer. In addition, the design of gel polish nail art is more convenient and diverse. Gel polish nail art is suitable for the general public, and the variety of patterns also makes it popular in the nail world.


No.2  UV Nail Art

Uv nail art is an advanced artificial nail technology that allows the uv gel to solidify through the light and action of ultraviolet A rays. The uv gel is non-toxic and non-irritating chemicals, and it is odorless and fragrance-free. It is harmless to the human body and has the same toughness, elasticity and resistance as natural nails. Only problem is that the uv nail is difficult to remove, it needs to be polished for a long time.


No.3  Painted Nail Art

Painted nail art refers to the art of drawing patterns on nails with paint tools. It is one of the choices for extending DIY manicures on the basis of basic and simple nail art. There are more and more painted nail designs with a variety of patterns.

Each country and region has its own different painting methods and styles. With just a few strokes, a leaf, a flower, and a cartoon image are at your fingertips. Give us unlimited reverie and enjoyment of beauty!


No.4  Acrylic Nail Art

Acrylic nails are one of the most popular nail art techniques. It has the effect that other nail art methods cannot replace. Its characteristic is that it can change the shape of fingers visually, giving people a sense of slenderness, so as to make up for the regret that the hand shape is not beautiful. Acrylic nail’s color is glittering and translucent, looks more natural. The pattern will also be clearer than other manicure types. It can be matched with various colors of clothing, set off a woman's elegant temperament.


No.5  Sculpture Nail Art

The sculpture nail technique requires a high level of professionalism for practitioners. It has strong three-dimensionality and strong visual beauty, Gives a feeling of glazed, crystal, glass concave and convex painting. The sculpture nail can be matched with a variety of slender and short hand shapes to perfectly complement the hand of a woman. It should be placed on important occasions, such as conferences or weddings.


No.6  Fake Tips Nail Art

Fake tips nail art is to put the pre designed nail tips on the surface of the nails. This is a simple, fast, and convenient way for those who do n’t have time for professional nail art. And it is easy to make your own, These tips created the most classic way for DIY your nails. Don't worry about this approach being untidy, you can grasp the secrets a few times.



Every nail art attempt is a love of life. After listening to the introduction of so many types of manicure, are you moved now ? Let's have a try and show off your beautiful here!


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