Professional 54W UV LED Nail Lamp Nail Curing Light Nail Art Home Use

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SHELLOLOH focus on nail innovations, taking quality as first priority, concentrate on pursuitting the service attitude of customer orientation. 

SHELLOLOH’s products is meticulously researched and tested before it ever reaches the customer.

What we are pursuing is not only to paint your nail, but to light up your life from your fingers, like a rainbow, to illiminate your sky !


Thank you for choosing Shelloloh !


  1. Connect the power adapter
  2. Timer is 10s 30s 60s and 99s (99s is the painless mode)
  3. After starting the machine, you can press any timer button for selection
  4. When you press the timer button again in the midway of working, the lamp will go to the standby state.
  5. Do not press any timer button after starting the lamp; once you put your hand into it, the infrared sensor will automatically start the machine, the maximum working time is 120s.
  6. When the machine is working under the mode of 10s,30s,60s and the motion sensor, press and hold the timer button 99s/Double power for 2s,the current power can be switched between 48w and 54w.(Power can be only switched when  lamp working under the mode of 10s 30s 60s and motion sensor)
  1. Press the time 99s, machine will go to the painless mode, the output power will increase gradually.
  2. The LED display will show the time countdown when the lamp working under the mode of 10s 30s 60s, it will show the clockwise timing when the lamp working under the mode of 99s painless mode and the infrared sensor motion.



       1.36pcs UV/LED beads (365+405nm)
       2. Max power: 54W (Max)
       3. Adapter: Rated input: 100-240V, 50-60Hz


  1. Do not let water or other liquid in to the machine to avoid the lamp damage and electric shock
  2. Please pull plugs when not in use for a long time
  3. Do not glare to the LED light to avoid eyes hurting
  4. Do not use the wrong adapter in case of any potential risk