Shelloloh Acrylic Powder Kit Fake Nail Strass Nail Module Decoration Manicure(Only for US Delivery)

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SHELLOLOH focus on nail innovations, taking quality as first priority, concentrate on pursuitting the service attitude of customer orientation. 

SHELLOLOH’s products is meticulously researched and tested before it ever reaches the customer.

What we are pursuing is not only to paint your nail, but to light up your life from your fingers, like a rainbow, to illiminate your sky !

Thank you for choosing Shelloloh !

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    Brand: SHELLOLOH

    Name: Acrylic Powder

    Color: Clear/White/Pink

    Volume: 8g

    Size: 4.5*3.5cm

    Usage: Making Acrylic Nails


    Package Content:

    • 3 x Clear Acrylic Powder
    • 1 x Nail Clipper
    • 1 x Mini Pump Dispenser
    • 1 x White Dappen Dish
    • 20 x Nail Forms
    • 20 x Wooden Stick
    • 1 x Brush
    • 2 x Finger Separator
    • 1 x Practice Training Finger
    • 1000 x Silver Nail Art Rhinestone
    • 1000 x Hybrid Nail Art Rhinestone
    • 3 x Nail Files
    • 1 x Cuticle Fork
    • 100 x White False Nail Tips
    • 100 x Transparent False Nail Tips
    • 1 x UV White Brush
    • 1 x Dotting Pen
    • 1 x Tweezers
    • 12 x Nail Decoration Powder


    Professional Usage:

    Step 1. Use a manicure tool to fix the shape and disinfect.

    Step 2. Attach Nail Forms to the edge of the nail.

    Step 3. Prepare Acrylic Liquid in Glass Cup.

    Step 4. Dip the Clear Acrylic Powder with a crystal pen dipped in Acrylic Liquid.

    Step 5. With the help of Nail Art Pen Brush and Nail Forms, make a crystal shape on your nails.

    Step 6. After the crystal nail is completely solidified, use Nail File to fix the nail length.

    Step 7. Polish the edges of the nails and apply Cuticle Oil.

    Step 8. Polish the nail surface.




    Keep the product out of reach of babies and children to avoid accidental eating;

    If allergies or adverse reactions occur, discontinue use immediately.

    Please keep it in a cool dry place , avoid direct sunlight.